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What Will You Be Rolling In This Year?

With the move for more environmentally friendly vehicles, the Limo and town car industry is poised to offer its clients some hybrid selections for their travel needs.  Can a vehicle be considered luxury AND environmentally friendly, you ask?  According to brands like Tesla, Cadillac, Lexus, and Mercedes: without a doubt.  How to decide what you’d like to ride in? has compiled a list of some of the hottest luxury hybrids on the market right now, for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy the eye candy!

The Tesla Model S

Testla Model SA self described sports car with a luxury feel, the all-new all electric Testa Model S Sedan does good for the environment, while you look good riding in it.

The Lexus ES HybridLeXus ES hybridThis luxury sedan boasts sustainable luxury both inside and out: the inner wood panelling is made of sustainable bamboo, while the backseats offer enough legroom for a passenger to comfortably cross his/her legs.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid


With the best fuel efficiency in it’s class, and an unparalleled smooth ride, this is THE luxury SUV for the environmentally conscious.

Mercedes E400 Hybrid Sedan

Mercedes E400 hybrid

Smooth ride, turbo charged gasoline/electric hybrid-oh and it’s pretty too.

*Some of these vehicles may or may not be available with every vendor.  Please ask the limo or town car company at the time of booking about what hybrid vehicle they offer.

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