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How will Santa Ring in the New Year?

Christmas has come and gone, but the holidays are far from over.  We all know how Santa gets around over Christmas, but did anyone stop and ask how he likes to travel when he celebrates the New Year?  And where does Santa choose to ring in the New Year?  Since he chooses to book his New Year’s Eve transportation with (he gives the reindeer the night off, obviously), we are able to provide a look at what Santa may be doing for NYE this year and which vehicles he chooses to travel in…


Town car

Chicago: Santa buzzes through the streets of Chi-town in an ultra sleek comfy town car.  He’s hitting up several of his friends’ soiree’s in the Windy City.  With so many good parties in the heat of downtown, Santa needs a vehicle he can rely on to get him from point to point smoothly and in style.


LA: Santa is one with the stars mobbin’ in his stretch limo in LA.  He knows this is the only way to cruise from red carpet to velvet rope.  Santa hits all of the


Miami: Santa makes a quick stop in Miami for some holiday heat.  He rolls in a black Mercedes, with the windows rolls down to get some fresh air and to see and be seen.  He hits a couple of beach parties in his freshest board shorts.

SUV stretch

Denver: Something to brave cold in that includes room for the reindeer?  How about an SUV stretch?  Santa and his furry buddies head to a cozy lounge or resort where they can ring in the New Year with some well deserved holiday R & R.

Rolls Royce Stretch

Vegas: Santa likes to differentiate himself from all the other VIPS by rollin’ in a Rolls Royce Limo on the Vegas strip.  He hops from party to party-no need to be on the list-everyone knows Santa.


Portland, OR: Santa and his buddies pile into a brand new Escalade and head for Mt. Hood for some New Year’s Eve fun.  No doubt he’s used to the snow and is a pro at snowboarding and skiing.  He likes to kick back in the lodge after a day on the mountain.

Party Bus

NYC: What better way to watch the ball drop than in person?  Santa grabs his favorite peeps and reindeer and they pile into a party bus for a bit of pre-funking before the big count down.

With so many good  options, where and what will Santa choose to do?  Can’t he do it all???  He is Santa, afterall….

From us here at, to you, happy New Year!  Don’t forget to book your designated driver.

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