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Pick Your Prom

It’s that time of year again: PROM!  What are you going to wear?!  Who are you going to go with?!  How will you get there?! can help you answer atleast one of those questions.  When it comes to which sweet ride you should roll in, we’ve done the legwork for you.  All you have to do is take a gander at our vehicle list below, then head over to the main page and request a quote from one of our many Operators in your area.  Then, get ready to have a blast at Prom this year!

The Audi A8 Luxury Sedan

The Audi A8 Luxury Sedan

Vehicle: Luxury Sedan

Perfect For: The Couple

Also good if: You’re going stag with two other buddies, and are looking for a more exconomical option, but still want to travel with class

Skip it if: there’s more than three of you who want to go together.


The Cadillac Escalade-Luxury SUV

The Cadillac Escalade-Luxury SUV

Vehicle: Luxury SUV

Perfect For: The Double Date

Also good if: You have six people and want to be EXTRA cozy.  This option works, but if you’re not looking to be cozy with your date AND your friends, opt for a larger vehicle option.

Skip it if: there’s more than six of you, and you want some leg (or arm) room.


Your limo awaits!

Your limo awaits!

Vehicle: Classic Limo

Perfect For: Two to Five couples, depending on the passenger carrying capacity.  Most Operators don’t recommend over ten people in a Classic Stretch.

Also good if: You’re going in a medium sized group of up to ten friends

Skip it, if: You have a large group that all wants to travel together.


Vehicle: Stretch Hummer or Similar

Perfect For: Ten to Fourteen friends, depending on the passenger carrying capacity.

Also good if: Several Couples want to go together

Skip it if: it’s just you and your date.  There is such a thing as going too big, and this would be it.


Inside the Party Bus

Inside the Party Bus

Vehicle: Party Bus

Perfect For: A big group that wants to make this year’s Prom the most epic experience ever!

Also good if: you have a slew of friends and you all want to go together: this vehicle’s for you!

Skip it if: there’s only a few of you and you’re on a tight budget.  While the party bus has the most room of any of these vehicles, it typically also has the highest price tag.  If you’re budget is on the small side, as is your group’s size, this probably isn’t going to be the best match for you-you’re better off going with the SUV.

Your best Prom awaits!

Your best Prom awaits!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single and the Coupled Up

Single or Attached this Valentine’s Day?  Who Cares!  Valentine’s Day is about more than just the love between you and your Sweetie (although, admittedly, that is equally important!): whether you’re celebrating the love you have for your significant other, or another special someone in your life, read on for our top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas, and get ready to spread the love!


Friends’ Valentine’s Day Party Bus

Single?  Attached?  Who cares!  Throw your romantic status to the wind, and celebrate the love you have for your friends by going in on a Party Bus for the day together.  Maybe you travel to wine country for the day, or perhaps you do a pub crawl; at any rate, this is definitely a case of making the most of the journey by enjoying quality time with your best buds-candy hearts not required.


Get ready for a Valentine's Adventure on this red party bus

Get ready for a Valentine’s Adventure on this red party bus


Double Date Limo

What’s better than spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other AND your best “couple” friends?  Why, sharing a ride with all of them in style, of course!

Cheers to a great Valentine's Day

Cheers to a great Valentine’s Day


Luxury Town Car Date Night (or Day)

Up the ante this Valentine’s Day, by having someone else do the driving, so you can really enjoy your one on one time with your date.  Bonus points for your travel being in a really NICE ride.

Impress Your Date with Comfort and Luxury

Impress Your Date with Comfort and Luxury


Gift a Date Night to Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa)

Show your love for those that raised you, by treating them to a special night out, complete with car service, of course.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and who better to show your love towards than your Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa?  Why not treat them to car service for a date night out?  They’ve spoiled you for decades-it’s time to show them just how much their love and support has meant over the years.

Treat Your Folks to a Classic


A ride to the Spa

Go the extra mile (pun intended), book Spa services for your sweetheart AND a ride to/from the appointment.

Let the relaxing, begin.

Let the relaxing, begin.

Vehicle Comparison: Shall I book the Party Bus or the Mini-Coach?

You have a large group of people that you want to transport for an event, but which vehicle do you book?  Depending upon your group size, there will be a limited number of vehicle options that can safely transport everyone, the most common being the party bus or the mini coach.  “Aren’t those the same?” you ask.  To which we would answer a resounding, “No!”  Depending upon your party and your event, these vehicles offer something very different.  Read on to figure out which option would be the best choice for your group, and get ready to be chauffeured!

Party Bus-Exterior shot

Party Bus-Exterior shot

Party Bus

Max Passenger Load: It depends upon the size of the bus, but typically these can hold anywhere between 15-23 passengers (*Sidenote: this is the biggest reason why it is imperative for you to put the amount of passengers that will be on the vehicle with you, as once the vehicle hits its passenger threshold, it’s a safety hazard to transport over that amount).

Distinguishing Characteristics: Flashy/Snazzy decorating, bench-style seating: similar to a limo, but with standing room; large “bus-like” outer appearance, complete with extremely dark tinted windows, typically has a nice sound system for your vibing pleasure; these are often described as “mobile nightclubs”.

Typical Usage: If the name of the vehicle itself didn’t already give it away, this vehicle is for large “parties”, who either want to keep the party on the bus, or go to various social destinations, in the name of comradery.  Think: bachelor/bachelorette parties; birthday parties; weddings, etc.

Not to be used for: corporate meetings (unless your business is partying, it’s best to stay away from this type of vehicle at your next corporate function).

Party Bus- Interior

Party Bus- Interior


The Mini-Bus

Max Passenger Load: It depends upon the size of the bus, but typically these can also hold anywhere between 15-23 passengers (*Side note: this is the biggest reason why it is imperative for you to put the amount of passengers that will be on the vehicle with you, as once the vehicle hits its passenger threshold, it’s a safety hazard to transport over that amount).

Distinguishing Characteristics: Captain’s chair-type of seating (individual seats, all facing forward), minimalistic décor inside, often neutral in color; in some models there are TV’s or technology hook-ups/tools for corporate meetings; think “mobile boardroom” with comfortable seating

Typical Usage: Large corporate group travel; business meetings; company offsite

Not to be used for:  bachelor/bachelorette parties.  If you’re looking for a large vehicle with which to cut loose on-this ain’t it.  You’re much better off going with the Party Bus, which will cater to your needs a lot better.

Mini-Coach, Interior

Mini-Coach, Interior

Mini coach, Interior

Mini coach, Interior

3 Ways Booking Car Service May actually SAVE You Money on Your Vacation:

You’re spending enough dinero to travel on your fabulous vacation, right?  Here are 3 ways why booking car service may actually save you money on your vacation:

1. Airport Parking Costs $$ Get Spendy

Consider this the next time that you are travelling out of town for at least a week: short-long term parking costs at airports vary between $20-$40/day.  If we even take the lowest dollar amount, $20/day and multiply that by seven days = $140, just to park your car for a week at the airport.  This number doesn’t even take into account $$ for gas.  Depending upon the number of passengers and your proximity to the airport, many luxury car Operators would charge less than that amount for roundtrip service to/from your airport.  At the very least, it’s worth looking into.

2. Insurance and out of pocket costs if someone hits your car in the parking garage

Exhibit B: You’ve paid $140 to park your car for a week, and someone hits it… then leaves, and the parking garage cameras just happened to miss it all; meaning that that $140 parking garage bill is the least of your worries.  Now you have to spend time calling your insurance, getting the car fixed, and you have no way of tracking down the person who’s actually responsible for this mess (the other driver), which means the costs all fall on you and your insurance.  Yeah, I don’t think I have to go any further into cost analysis on this one.  Booking a car with us would most definitely save you $$ in this scenario!

3. A fixed rate versus a variable one

This one is especially pertinent if you are travelling internationally.  In many countries, taxi services and gas don’t have a set rate, meaning you need to negotiate and/or barter your rate.  If you’re comfortable doing this, then this may not pose any type of problem for you; however, many travelers, especially those of us from the United States aren’t privy to such practices.  Thus, a taxi ride that locals know to cost $25 could end up costing you $75, simply b/c that’s what the driver tells you to pay.  Booking your car with gives you peace of mind, as you know exactly how much you’ll pay for your ride, including gratuity-no frustrating haggling included.  This, to some, is worth paying up front for; however, for those of us who are self-proclaimed bargain aficionados, knowing that the dollar is the guaranteed lowest offered rate by the Operator, sans bargaining, should also give some comfort.

Whatever you decide, make sure to travel safely and have a great vacation-you’ve earned it!

Travelling in style in the Tesla Model S

Travelling in style in the Tesla Model S

The Real Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap.  When people think of Valentine’s Day, many images and words come to mine: love, cupid’s arrow, chocolate, heartbreak; however, as the years have progressed, the holiday has become more commercialized and has focused more on romance, as opposed to love, causing multitudes of single people to cringe at the mere mention of February 14th, and a plethora of couples to feel pressured in one way or another to “celebrate” their relationship.  Not that there’s anything wrong with celebrating a relationship, per se; but, what if you’ve only been on a couple of dates, and aren’t sure if you’re even in a relationship?  What if your relationship is “on the rocks”?  What if you don’t want to BE in a relationship?  Or what if you’re going through a break up?  What if you’re SINGLE (gasp!)?!?!  None of these instances exactly screams hearts, cupid and romance.


But I digress; let’s get back to the holiday that is Valentine’s Day.  According to, Valentine’s Day is:  “February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.”* By that definition Valentine’s Day is simply a day in which we show affection to those that we love.  So, who do we love?  Well, “love”, as we know it, isn’t simply a feeling or emotion attached to those we are romantically involved with.  The word “love” can be associated with a plethora of different relationships in your life, both romantic and otherwise.  In fact, defines the noun “love” in seven different ways (i.e. the love between parent and child), and that’s just when the word is utilized as a noun.  I bring this all up because if Valentine’s Day is about showing the ones that we love how we feel, then by all means, let’s do that.  This isn’t a holiday that is just about blissfully in love couples, but rather a holiday that celebrates ALL kinds of loving relationships.  So, with that in mind, brings you list of ways to celebrate six different loving relationships in your life.  Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, this list applies to YOU (take THAT Cupid!):


Who has a special place in your heart?  Your Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa:  they spoiled you throughout your childhood (and probably your adulthood), gave you love and affection, and when you were in trouble with Mom or Dad, they always seemed to secretly still be on your side.   Book a fun day for you and the grandparents.  Book an hourly ride for the three of you and go do something fun-a picnic if the weather is nice, or maybe hit up a museum.  Spend the ride laughing and bonding with them.


It's not Grandpa's fave recliner, but it might come in at a close second. #Escalade

It’s not Grandpa’s fave recliner, but it might come in at a close second. #Escalade


Who do you love?  Your friends

Whether you have made new friends and are looking for a way to get to know them better; or perhaps you just want to get together with some of your close friends and bond.  Booking a party bus for a group adventure is a great way to celebrate the love you have for your buddies, while making new memories together to reminisce about later.  “Remember that one Valentine’s Day when we…”

Get ready for a Valentine's Adventure on this red party bus

Get ready for a Valentine’s Adventure on this red party bus



Who do you love, no matter what?  Your family

Sometimes you love them; sometimes you can’t stand them; but really, you LOVE them.  You share the special bond that is simply defined as “family”.  Whether you’re related by blood or not, families come in all shapes, sizes, and circumstances.  Celebrate the bond you have with yours on Valentine’s Day.  Book an SUV with a few, or a large limo with the whole family, and take a trip somewhere delightful together.


Who do you treasure?  Your best friend

You have your friends, and then you have your BEST FRIEND.  This is the person whom you share the tightest of bonds with: for some people this is their significant other; for others it’s a parent or other family member; and others this is someone whom they’ve known and forged a most sacred bond of friendship with.  Regardless of what their title is with other people (i.e. roommate, sister, co-worker, etc), to you, your best friend is one of the most loved people in your life.  That all being said, why wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be a great time to celebrate the love and friendship that you share with one another?  So, do something for just the two of you: it can be something as small as booking a sedan and going to your favorite restaurant to catch up for a couple of hours, or book a trip together and book a ride to/from the airport.  It doesn’t matter how you choose to live up Valentine’s Day-just as long as you do it together.


Who ELSE would be by your side through this photo shoot?  #bestfriends

Who ELSE would be by your side through this photo shoot? #bestfriends


Who loves you, no matter what?  Your parents

They’ve loved you, clothed you, raised you, and supported you.  Treat them to their own special date night, book them a pretty retro limo to their favorite restaraunt, so they can celebrate the love they have for each other.

Just Mom?

Pamper the number one woman in your life with a spa package and classy ride to/from the spa.

Just Dad?

Get him tickets to his favorite event, and a ride to get him to/from there.  (And go with him!)


Date night in the Maybach

Book the Maybach for your parents’ date night


Who “Gets” You?  Your mentor

Maybe you had a teacher who was particularly influential in helping you become successful; or perhaps there’s a co-worker or supervisor who’s had your back on the job, and helped you get that promotion; or maybe there’s a certain someone in your life who’s just helped you through a difficult time.  Show your love and appreciation for them by doing something kind for them in return.  Maybe this person has someone special flying into see them?  Book a sedan to pick up this person at the airport;  or maybe this person needs a ride somewhere because his/her car broke down-book a sedan or SUV with us to get him/her to his/her destination safely.


Sure, some of these ideas are a bit non-traditional, as far as Valentine’s Day is concerned, but just think of how special and loved this will make the person you love feel.  Shouldn’t that be the point of Valentine’s Day to begin with?


The 12 Days of Style

The holidays are upon us!  In celebration of that, presents to you a little Christmas jingle.  Since we are all about luxury ground transportation at it’s finest, we revamped the song to give it a more “limo-esque” feel (a bit self-serving, sure, but applicable none-the-less).  Behold, the 12 Days of Style:

12 Days of Style

On the first day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me: a ride home from the airport in this stunning Mercedes.

mercedes livery class S

On the second day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me: two pretty Escalades for a holiday party!

On the third day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me: three corporate mini buses for my co-workers and me.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me: four Rolls Royce Phantoms for my buddies and me.

rolls-royce-phantom brigade


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for a group of us, a wine tour on a large black party bus.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me, a night out in a Cadillac XTS for our anniversary.

cadillac XTS 2

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me, a stretch hummer limo for a bachelor party.

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for family, a ride back to the airport in a Audi SUV.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me, a Tesla for my environmentally conscious friend, Bree.

Tesla model s 2

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for she, an old-fashioned rolls Royce for the bride-to-be.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me,  a sedan to the train station, it was a 2015 Audi.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love booked on for me, a great big party bus for New Year’s Eve.

party bus NYE


Merry Christmas and happy New Year, from!

Top Four Reasons to take a Limo or Town Car on the 4th of July

As Americans, Independence Day has morphed into the type of holiday that we associate with a few key things: food, fireworks, friends and family.  Some of us take trips to go celebrate; others throw a big shindig at their place; some grab the neighbors and head to the local fireworks spot; others get together with friends; and still, others hop a flight to a fun destination.  Any way you cut it, if you’re celebrating in one of the above ways, then chances are you’ll be needing transportation to your destination (and back home again).  With that in mind, here are the top four reasons you should let us do the driving:

Taxi Line @ LAS-don't get stuck in this line!

Taxi Line @ LAS-don’t get stuck in this line!

1.Avoid the Long Wait in the Taxi Line at the Airport

The 4th is busy travel day to lots of destinations in the U.S.  Many people get the day off, and since it lands on a Friday this year that makes an extended weekend celebration that much easier to plan.  If you’ve ever traveled to a popular destination you know that once you get off the plane, the waiting isn’t over, because you are now faced with the outrageous cab line looming outside of baggage claim.  Be the envy of the other passengers-skip the cab line- and get straight into a waiting town car or SUV.

2. More Family Bonding Time

You’re already going to spend the day with them, you might as well start the bonding process early!  If you’re all headed over to Grandma’s for the annual 4th of July BBQ, it just makes sense split a vehicle and ride there together.  Or, if you’d prefer to experience your family in limited doses, you can always book a sedan for yourself.  No arguing over directions, speed limits or annoying driving habits here!  Bonus: Uncle Clem can have that extra cocktail and you don’t have to worry about him trying to get behind the wheel.

3. Have your celebration ON the ride

Perhaps you want to hang with your friends, but nobody wants to take on the enormous task of hosting a shindig.  Why not bring the party to you, by booking a party bus?  If you’ve got 15-20 friends that are all going in on the party bus, you could end up spending less than you would on meat, bbq supplies, and beverages at a party/bbq.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about having a DD, since the driver will drop you at home at the end of the party.

4. So you don’t HAVE to drive

Maybe you’re of legal drinking age, and you want to have a couple of drinks; or maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy yourself without having to worry about driving; or maybe you’re just tired of driving!  Hey, sometimes it’s just nice not to have to worry about who’s doing the driving!

However you choose to spend your holiday wishes you and yours a very happy and safe Independence Day weekend!

Happy Independence Day, 2014!

Happy Independence Day, 2014!

Braving Black Friday? Avoid Parking and Traffic-Here’s How

The Holidays are upon us-just ask them.

For most of us that means family, fun, food and Black Friday (or for those that don’t venture out, preferring the comfort of slippers and a computer screen, Cyber Monday)!

For some families, Black Friday is more than a shopping day-it has become as much as tradition as other holiday celebrations.  For others, it’s about waiting all year to get (insert big shiny new item here) for (insert amazing discounted price here).  And still others, Black Friday is just a creative way to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories (shed my food baby from yesterday AND pick up a pair of slippers for Aunt Betty?!  Score!).  At any rate, Black Friday is a huge tradition that many Americans choose to take part in, despite some of the major deterrents associated with the day.

Allow me to impart a bit of knowledge as to the history of the name of the biggest shopping day of the year: several decades ago, the term “Black Friday” was first coined by shoppers as a less than affectionate term to describe the ghastly traffic and near impossible parking situations that were associated with the day.   As the success of the holiday began to skyrocket, retailers began to refer to the name as a description for their profits, since Black Friday was quickly becoming a day when many retailers would see their revenues go from being “in the red” to “in the black”.  While retailers may look forward to Black Friday for the above reason, shoppers still have to face traffic congestion and parking nightmares in order to get to the shopping destination of their choice.

For those of you brave souls that will be venturing out, here’s an idea about how to effectively mitigate the risk of traffic congestion and/or parking traumas: let us do the driving.  Book your town car or SUV for you and your friends/family, and you can enjoy Black Friday that much more.  No more scouring the mall parking lot desperately searching for a parking spot-ANY PARKING SPOT-to pull into.  No more worrying about how you’ll even get into the parking lot, because the traffic is so congested that the entrance seems impossible to access.  No more dealing with your bossy sister-in-law who turns into the world’s worst backseat driver when she is in a hurry to get to Macy’s by 5:00 a.m. on Black Friday, and 5:01 a.m. is unacceptable.  Seriously.  Start your holiday savings early by booking a car with us (you’ll save over 35% by booking with us over other vendors), share the cost among you and your shopping companions, and relax knowing that half of the stresses of Black Friday are eliminated, and you can focus on enjoying the day with your family and friends.

black friday

Happy Holidays from!

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Transportation Ideas

Summertime Fun

It’s August.  It’s one of the hottest months of the year in the majority of the United States.  For better or worse, it’s also the signal of summer starting to come to a close (no!!!!).

With that bit of news delivered, it’s time to plan the last hoorah of Summer 2013!   What to do? has you covered with some great suggestions on how to enjoy the weather with you friends, before the leaves start to change color.

So, if you’re under 21:  It’s almost back to school time, great news for parents, not so much for kids! But it’s not too late to plan one last summertime get together. So, gather your favorite group of friends and find an outdoor summer concert.  Not sure where to start? Check out SeatGeeks article, 2013 Summer Concerts: Everything you need to know.


August= Prime fair/rodeo time!  Almost every city/town in the U.S. will have a fair occurring in it this month.  Bonus: fairs have a little something for everyone: the Adventurer (exploring new cultures), the Animal Lover (rodeo+livestock exhibits), the Country Bumpkin (the whole fair experience), the Adrenaline Junkie (high scary rides), the Foodie (pie contests-nom, nom, nom!), etc.  For a list of State Fairs and dates, check out .  Grab some of your friends/family members and relive your youth or check it out for the first time-in style!  Rent a limo or party bus and beat the heat, while traveling to/from your event in style.


For the 21+ crowd: if you’re a beer lover, now is the perfect time to check out a brewers’ event. The offices are located in Portland, also known as Beertopia.  We pride ourselves on our love for craft beer and microbrews. Therefore, we suggest you gather a fun group of friends and check out a beer event to attend before summer draws to a close! Try finding one in your area by using the  The BeerAdvocate summer calendar.


If beer isn’t your thing, but you dig wine-the summertime is a perfect time to take a wine tour-the weather is nice, and many of the vineyards have different fun events offered during the summertime.  Book your wine tour on and let us help plan a fun day out for you and your friends.


Summer’s still here-go take advantage of this weather, while you still can. So, here’s what you need to do: Find a fun event, call your friends and book your ride at

What You Should Do For Your Love For Valentine’s Day

What to get the loves in your life this year?  For those of us who celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Day of Love-in all its forms, presents a list of plausible gifts for those that your love (what a concept, eh?!):

Your Love: your grandparents/ grandma/ grandpa

The gift: Quality time.  What do most grandparents cherish?  Quality time with you, of course!  So make Valentine’s Day about Grandma/Grandpa by booking a day date with them.  Book a town car or limo to pick the both of you up in, and have it take you somewhere you know that Grandma/Grandpa would really enjoy-perhaps the theatre in town that shows older movies, or the museum, or book the car for the day and spend it enjoying each others’ company on a city tour.  The activity doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’ll be spending time with your grandparent(s) and showing them you care.  Bonus: Book a Classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce-and have Grandpa/Grandma waxing nostalgic.

classic limo

Your Love: your teenage son or daughter

The gift: a fun-filled day with friends.  Sorry Mom/Dad-though they love you lots, teens are all about hanging with their friends (usually).  Show them you love them and more importantly, that you “get” them, by booking a limo them and their friends to go hang out in.  Even if it’s just to pick them up and drop them off at their different destinations, you’ll rule as the cool parent.  Bonus: Book a hummer limo, and really up the cool parent vibe.

Your Love: your spouse/significant other

The gift: a chauffeured wine tour in wine country.   Bonding over amazing wine with your amour AND not having to drive-what’s not to love?!  Plus this date is gender neutral-meaning either sex will appreciate its value.  Bonus: Bringing your I-pod or a CD for the driver to play during your trip scores you major romance points.

The gift: If wine’s not your thing, have the car pick-up your significant other and take them on a scavenger hunt, with the end destination being somewhere special to your relationship.  It could be the place where you proposed (if you’re married), or the restaurant where the two of you had your first date, or maybe the place you first met; get creative and have fun with it.  Make sure to book the limo or town car for a few hours to allow for enough time to complete the scavenger hunt.  Bonus: Make the clues more romantic by leaving little personal mementos from your relationship at each stop.

Your Love: your parents

The gift: a chauffeured date night out.  Your parents can kick back and really enjoy themselves if they don’t have to worry about who’s driving.  Regardless of their age bracket, or how long they’ve been together, it’s probably been awhile since they’ve had a real date night-help them rekindle their spark or keep their love fire burning, by booking a town car for the evening to take them on their date.  Bonus: Score major favorite son/daughter points by booking a table at their favorite restaurant for the evening.

Your Love: a first date-not really a love yet (in fact, we would advise against dropping the “L Word” at any point on your first few dates)

The gift:  a first date night out.  You guys are just getting to know one another, so you don’t want to go too extravagant on this one (unless you DO want to, then by all means, go for it!).  Unless you’re a high roller, you probably don’t pick up every date via chauffeur, so even just booking a town car to pick you and your date up will make the date unique and you look impressive.  The two of your could go to the movies, or Bonus: book an SUV for a group date with his/her friends.

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