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Pick Your Prom

It’s that time of year again: PROM!  What are you going to wear?!  Who are you going to go with?!  How will you get there?! can help you answer atleast one of those questions.  When it comes to which sweet ride you should roll in, we’ve done the legwork for you.  All you have to do is take a gander at our vehicle list below, then head over to the main page and request a quote from one of our many Operators in your area.  Then, get ready to have a blast at Prom this year!

The Audi A8 Luxury Sedan

The Audi A8 Luxury Sedan

Vehicle: Luxury Sedan

Perfect For: The Couple

Also good if: You’re going stag with two other buddies, and are looking for a more exconomical option, but still want to travel with class

Skip it if: there’s more than three of you who want to go together.


The Cadillac Escalade-Luxury SUV

The Cadillac Escalade-Luxury SUV

Vehicle: Luxury SUV

Perfect For: The Double Date

Also good if: You have six people and want to be EXTRA cozy.  This option works, but if you’re not looking to be cozy with your date AND your friends, opt for a larger vehicle option.

Skip it if: there’s more than six of you, and you want some leg (or arm) room.


Your limo awaits!

Your limo awaits!

Vehicle: Classic Limo

Perfect For: Two to Five couples, depending on the passenger carrying capacity.  Most Operators don’t recommend over ten people in a Classic Stretch.

Also good if: You’re going in a medium sized group of up to ten friends

Skip it, if: You have a large group that all wants to travel together.


Vehicle: Stretch Hummer or Similar

Perfect For: Ten to Fourteen friends, depending on the passenger carrying capacity.

Also good if: Several Couples want to go together

Skip it if: it’s just you and your date.  There is such a thing as going too big, and this would be it.


Inside the Party Bus

Inside the Party Bus

Vehicle: Party Bus

Perfect For: A big group that wants to make this year’s Prom the most epic experience ever!

Also good if: you have a slew of friends and you all want to go together: this vehicle’s for you!

Skip it if: there’s only a few of you and you’re on a tight budget.  While the party bus has the most room of any of these vehicles, it typically also has the highest price tag.  If you’re budget is on the small side, as is your group’s size, this probably isn’t going to be the best match for you-you’re better off going with the SUV.

Your best Prom awaits!

Your best Prom awaits!

4 Things to Consider When You’re Going to Prom on a Budget

Hey kids!   PROM season is upon us, once again.  Don’t fret if you haven’t booked your limo quite yet (although sooner is typically better than later, in terms of getting the best rates and the hours that you want). has put together a short list of things to consider when booking your ride to Prom on a BUDGET:

1. Group Size

Is it just you and your date, a small group of friends, or a large group of friends?   This is the first thing you should consider when booking a vehicle for two reasons: first, your budget may fluctuate wildly if there’s 14 people all contributing towards a vehicle, vs just two (or one!).  The more people who are throwing in some $$, the larger the budget (typically) and the less of a financial strain it’s going to be on your pocket; second, the size of your vehicle will also vary drastically, depending upon how many people are in your party.  If there’s just two of you, there are a world of vehicle options available to you, depending upon how luxurious or “BIG” you’re looking to go; conversely, the more people that you are trying to fit into one vehicle, the more your options are limited to certain vehicle types.  In the luxury transportation industry, the larger vehicle you need, the greater the rate (though there are exceptions).  Luckily, with a larger group you have a greater number of people to share the cost of the vehicle.  Speaking of vehicle options, this transitions nicely into the next key consideration on our list…

2. Vehicle Options

The second thing that you want to consider when you are shopping for a Prom ride on a budget, is the vehicle options that are available to you.  As we mentioned above, if you have a larger group, your vehicle options will tend to be a bit more limited.  Many traditional limos will have space for a maximum of ten-twelve passengers, with SUV limos typically maxing out at fourteen; if you have a group in excess of sixteen, you are most likely looking at either a party bus or a mini-bus type of vehicle.  However, if you have a smaller party of two-four people, you may also want to consider a town car, luxury sedan or luxury SUV.  We mention this, because people will usually think of a limo when they think of Prom transportation; however, many limo companies will charge an hourly- minimum, which can be overwhelming to Prom attendees, and will make it less likely that they can afford any type of transportation in the first place; conversely, many town car and SUV operators do not charge an hourly minimum and thus would be able to offer a more affordable rate.

3. Your schedule for the evening

The third thing you need to consider when booking transportation for your Prom, is your schedule: are you and your date/group going to dinner before you head to the dance?  Will you all be picked up at the same location, or will the vehicle need to make several stops?  How long are you planning on being at the dance?  Do you need a ride home, or just a ride there?  Will you be going anywhere afterwards?  Believe it or not, the answers to all of these questions can have an effect on the rate of your Prom transportation.  If you are making multiple stops throughout the evening, then it will likely be more economical for you to book a vehicle for a certain amount of hours, as opposed to a flat rate pick up and drop off.  With an hourly vehicle, the number of stops doesn’t affect the rate, because you are paying for the vehicle for a certain block of time; where as with a flat rate vehicle, the rate you are quoted is only for transportation from Point A to Point B, so if you deviate or add extra stops to that, the Operator will typically charge a fee for each additional stop.  In addition, if you are only looking for a ride to Prom and back, it would cost you less to book to separate flat rate pick ups/drop off, as opposed to an hourly vehicle; however, keep in mind than most Limo operators do charge an hourly minimum-meaning that the Operator will charge you an hourly rate at a certain amount of hours, regardless of whether you utilize the vehicle for this amount of time or not.  This is a fairly standard practice in the luxury transportation industry, as larger vehicles cost a lot more to own and operate, and therefore the Operator needs to charge this hourly minimum in order to make a profit.

4. Demand & Location

Demand and Location are the last things on our list because while you don’t have control over either-they still have an effect on the overall rate charged for transportation and thus will effect your budget.  By “demand”, we are referring to how great the need/want is for luxury vehicles at the time that you are wanting to book yours.  Prom is an especially high demand season.  As such, many Operators will charge a premium for their services, simply because they know they can.  This happens in most industries, and is smart on the part of the business owner, as he/she/they can capitalize on their product/service.  Never-the-less, it does effect how much you will need to pay for the transportation that you seek.  Demand is also effected by the location in which you are seeking your transportation.  If you live in a larger city, there are typically more Operators, which means more vehicles/services to pick from and greater pricing options for the consumer-which typically works in your budget’s favor.

With all of the different aspects of Prom, choosing transportation can seem a bit overwhelming.  Help yourself stick to a budget by using the above four considerations as a guide.  (Side-note:’s booking system allows you to search quickly and easily for available luxury transportation in your area of interest; filtering out the list of vehicle/Operators by passenger count, time/date availability, allowing you to narrow down your choices quickly and easily, with the best rates available and consumer reviews on each Operator.  Not to toot our own horn, but we DO make the process pretty seamless….).

Above all, we wish you a safe and happy prom season.

Prom time

Formal Season is here! What do should you wear?!

It’s the beginning to look like summer, which for many of you ladies out there means one major thing: the beginning of formal event season!  Prom, birthdays, weddings-there are so many events where formal attire is a must!  So what’s hot for ladies’ formal dresses this year?  How do you choose?  Check out’s Annual What’s Hot in Formal list below for some great style tips (all photos courtesy of  Then make sure to book your town car or limo with us to travel in style while also saving some dinero.

A gown with Unique Details

From a unique design to strategic cut outs and tiny details, this year’s gowns are all about the little elements.  And because the designs are focused on the little details, and not so much the actual cut of the dress, many of these looks are structured for a variety of body types.  In the first photo, the cut of the dress sleek, with some rouching that could cover any “problem areas” below the waist, and it fitted up top.  Unique beading, rouching and cut-outs finish the look.  The middle dress has an empire cut, and flowing blue fabric.  What makes this dress so unique, however, is the back which is completely covered in iridescent crystal beading.  The dress furthest to the right is definitely not for those that are too body conscious.  The dress has many unique eye-catching details:  the cut and design, the colors, the beading-this dress is one of a kind.

unique 2012 2012 unique dress 3cut outs 3

The “short” ballgown

Described as flirty, feminine, and fun, we are seeing these pop up quite a few places this season.  This style flatters a variety of figures, while also giving apt coverage where needed.  The short ball gown is structured similarly to the traditional ball gown style, with one major difference-the bottom is a lot shorter.  These dresses accentuate a little waist, as well as arms and shoulders, and of course, legs.

2012 short ball gown

short skirt 2012 short ball gown 12012 short ball gown 2

Sparkles-lots of them

Being covered head to toe in sequins is back.  The style and cut of this dress doesn’t so much matter, as the fact that is must be completely covered in sequins.  Completely.

sequins 4 sparkly 3 2012 sparkly

Abstract one shoulder

The one-shoulder dress had been “in” again for a few seasons, however, this year’s dresses have changed slightly in that the one shoulder is usually made by an accessory, rather than the cut of the dress itself: examples includes a tiny string of rhinestones that trail over the shoulder, a small strand of fabric connecting cross-corners of the dress, or combination of the two, in the form of a beaded applique.  This year’s hot one-shoulders are a little more subtle than their predecessors.

2012 rhinestone one shoulder abstract 2012 abstract one shoulder 2012 one shoulder

Structured corset top

This style has a variety of forms.  The basic principle of this design is the top of the dress-which is in the form of a corset with visible structured boning.    This dress actentuates a small waist and the upper body, and may come with a short long train.

2012 structured boing

corset 3 structured dress 2012

Ruffles!  Ruffles Everywhere!

Another ultra-feminine, ultra-flirty touch.  ‘Nuff said.

2012 ruffles 2 2012 ruffles ruffles 3

Winter Formal/Homecoming Limo

Can you believe it’s that time already? The leaves are starting to change, the air is starting to become a little bit more crisp, and it’s time for the first big dance of the high school season: depending on your school this is either dubbed “Winter Formal” or the traditional “Homecoming”. Either way, you and your friends (or depending on who’s reading this, perhaps your child and their friends) need a safe styling way to get to the event. You obviously know where I’m going with this:
We have lots of vehicle options for the special night: whether it’s a special occasion stretch limo, or a more modest town car for the couple who wants to roll solo-we’ve got you covered. Many of the limo companies on here offer Winter Formal Specials or Homecoming discounts, so if you’re a large group booking a Winter Formal stretch Escalade, or a Homecoming Couple who want to travel in a special occasion Rolls Royce, make sure to ask your limo company about what Homecoming specials they offer.  Have fun and be safe!’s Prom Checklist

Prom is rapidly approaching and you may be cringing or jumping for joy, depending on the size of your “to-do” list.  Whether you are the former or the latter, you can benefit from the following checklist.  So, read on to make sure you’ve got everything ready for your best PROM ever!

  • Apparel.  Ladies, do you have your dress?  If you are shopping last minute, you still have time to get an amazing dress: has 2-day or even overnight shipping options, and tons of selections.  Fellas, do you have your tux?  Check out for a huge selection, with fast shipping!
  • Transportation.  This is a BIG night for you- reserve your special occasion limo and ride in style.  Just the two of you?  Make it a town car. Kick back, relax and enjoy your evening-let us do the driving.
  • Matching clutch/purse.  This applies to you ladies.  Make sure you have one, and make sure it’s something you are comfortable carrying with you all night.  Most people opt out of lugging a big purse around, and go for a clutch.  Don’t get something too tiny!  You want something roomy enough to carry the following essentials:
  1. Cell phone
  2. Concealer
  3. Lip gloss
  4. Small vial of perfume
  5. Camera-the one your cell phone may work just fine
  6. Extra bobby pins
  7. Prom tickets (unless your date has them)
  8. Cash
  9. Band-Aid (in case you didn’t break in your shoes beforehand-see below)
  • Extra cash.  Make sure you have it.  Little things like a larger restaurant bill, larger picture package, or an impromptu stop at a convenience store have a funny way of sneaking into the night’s activities.  Also when you book your limo, pay attention to the company that you reserve your limo with: many include gratuity in the reservation, but if you happen to choose one that does not, make sure to have extra cash to tip your driver.
  • Break in your shoes before the big night.  You’ll have so much going on; you don’t want blisters to be an unwelcome distraction.
  • Ladies, have your hair and make-up done earlier in the day so you aren’t stressed about time constraints.  Wear a button down shirt to your appointment so you can easily get dressed when the time comes to put on your prom dress.  Doing your own hair/make-up?  It’s preferable to do a practice run on a different day so you know you like the look and approximately how much time it takes; however, if that is unrealistic, at the very least, make sure to allow yourself enough time to get ready, i.e. about 1.5 hours for make-up and additional time for your hair (which will vary greatly based on the style you choose, length of your hair, etc.
  • Fellas, get your hair cut about A WEEK prior to the event.  You don’t want to do it any sooner or you’ll have that “I just got my haircut and it’s a little short”-look in prom pictures.
  • Pick up your date’s corsage or boutonniere and refrigerate it several hours before the event.

Relax and go with the flow of the evening!  This will be something you remember the rest of your life so have fun!

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