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Top 5 Things to Do Over Labor Day Weekend 2014

Unless you live in an area where every season is a variant of “summer” (I’m looking at you, South Beach!), then you know that this Labor Day weekend is quite possibly and quite probably the last weekend of sunshine and good times aka the last weekend of summer.  For some us, this means it’s time to go back to the reality of school-whether you’re in school or your kids are in school; for the rest of us it just signifies the changing of the weather from sunny and warm to dreary and cold (or sunny and cold).

That being said, there’s no better time to carpe diem than this weekend!  In the spirit of celebrating summer, we have compiled a short list of things to do this Labor Day weekend to make the most of this Labor Day weekend and bid a fine farewell to Summer.


1. Hit the theatre:

This weekend is technically the “last big summer blockbuster weekend”.   If you’ve had enough of the great outdoors and favor something a bit more theatrical, then get thee to thy local theatre to check out the last of the flock of big blockbuster movies that are flooding into the theatres for the summer.  P.S. Impress your date by showing up in this.  

the-november-man-novemberma   as above guardiansofthefgalaxynewposter1


2. Go Stargazing:

When’s the last time you actually stopped texting, emailing, or Facebooking and looked up at the sky?  Summer is the perfect time for a road trip with a few friends.  What better way to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy some down time than checking out the stars?  We’ve included a couple of links from Fodor’s and CNN on the top stargazing sites both in the US and Internationally.  Book a ride with us to your favorite stargazing spot.

Top 10 Best Stargazing Sites in the US, according to Fodor’s:!1-intro

Top Stargazing Sites in the World, According to CNN:

Utah night sky

Yes, this is a real place and yes it’s in the U.S.- Utah as a matter of fact. Photo by Jacob W. Frank,


3. Get on a plane (impromptu trip):

Vegas, NYC, San Diego, Miami-pick a spot and just go.  You have an extra day this weekend, so why not seize the moment?  Nothing says summer like a vacation-no matter how long you get away, it just makes coming back home that much sweeter.  Don’t forget to skip the airport taxi line! 

labor day weekend plane

Now boarding for Labor Day weekend!


4. Go to an outdoor concert:

Summertime is synonymous with sunshine and summer jams.  Enjoy summer beats and the remaining summer heat by going to an outdoor concert this weekend.  We’ll even drive you there so you don’t have to worry about the packed parking lot before or after the event.  If you’re a bit late for getting your ticket, check out the links below for a list of outdoor concerts in your area this weekend:


Bangor, ME



Daytona Beach



Myrtle Beach, SC




Portland, OR

San Diego



5. Grab a group and head out to the vineyards:

Here in Oregon, every season is wine tasting season.  The fact that it’s summer just means we take our vino and enjoy the view of the Willamette Valley outside!  If you’re near wine country, make the most of a long weekend and grab some family/friends and head out to the vineyard.  Bonus: many wineries and tasting rooms have special events and featured wines over the holiday weekend, so be sure to check the winery’s website or give them a call to find out what’s happening in your area.

labor day weekend wine tasting limo

Wine tasting with friends over Labor Day weekend = the perfect way to end the Summer



What You Should Do For Your Love For Valentine’s Day

What to get the loves in your life this year?  For those of us who celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Day of Love-in all its forms, presents a list of plausible gifts for those that your love (what a concept, eh?!):

Your Love: your grandparents/ grandma/ grandpa

The gift: Quality time.  What do most grandparents cherish?  Quality time with you, of course!  So make Valentine’s Day about Grandma/Grandpa by booking a day date with them.  Book a town car or limo to pick the both of you up in, and have it take you somewhere you know that Grandma/Grandpa would really enjoy-perhaps the theatre in town that shows older movies, or the museum, or book the car for the day and spend it enjoying each others’ company on a city tour.  The activity doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’ll be spending time with your grandparent(s) and showing them you care.  Bonus: Book a Classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce-and have Grandpa/Grandma waxing nostalgic.

classic limo

Your Love: your teenage son or daughter

The gift: a fun-filled day with friends.  Sorry Mom/Dad-though they love you lots, teens are all about hanging with their friends (usually).  Show them you love them and more importantly, that you “get” them, by booking a limo them and their friends to go hang out in.  Even if it’s just to pick them up and drop them off at their different destinations, you’ll rule as the cool parent.  Bonus: Book a hummer limo, and really up the cool parent vibe.

Your Love: your spouse/significant other

The gift: a chauffeured wine tour in wine country.   Bonding over amazing wine with your amour AND not having to drive-what’s not to love?!  Plus this date is gender neutral-meaning either sex will appreciate its value.  Bonus: Bringing your I-pod or a CD for the driver to play during your trip scores you major romance points.

The gift: If wine’s not your thing, have the car pick-up your significant other and take them on a scavenger hunt, with the end destination being somewhere special to your relationship.  It could be the place where you proposed (if you’re married), or the restaurant where the two of you had your first date, or maybe the place you first met; get creative and have fun with it.  Make sure to book the limo or town car for a few hours to allow for enough time to complete the scavenger hunt.  Bonus: Make the clues more romantic by leaving little personal mementos from your relationship at each stop.

Your Love: your parents

The gift: a chauffeured date night out.  Your parents can kick back and really enjoy themselves if they don’t have to worry about who’s driving.  Regardless of their age bracket, or how long they’ve been together, it’s probably been awhile since they’ve had a real date night-help them rekindle their spark or keep their love fire burning, by booking a town car for the evening to take them on their date.  Bonus: Score major favorite son/daughter points by booking a table at their favorite restaurant for the evening.

Your Love: a first date-not really a love yet (in fact, we would advise against dropping the “L Word” at any point on your first few dates)

The gift:  a first date night out.  You guys are just getting to know one another, so you don’t want to go too extravagant on this one (unless you DO want to, then by all means, go for it!).  Unless you’re a high roller, you probably don’t pick up every date via chauffeur, so even just booking a town car to pick you and your date up will make the date unique and you look impressive.  The two of your could go to the movies, or Bonus: book an SUV for a group date with his/her friends.

Things to do on Valentine's Day

Love is in the air!

Yes, V-Day can be a bit commercialized, but the bottom line it is about you and who you love (or who loves you).  This can mean your sweetie, your friends, good ‘ol Mom and Dad, siblings-you get the picture.  Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a couples’ holiday (although it gets billed as such).

So, let’s continue with this line of thinking: if you make Valentine’s Day a day to celebrate those you love, what are some ways you can do that?

  1. Wine tasting.  If you’re in an area of the country known for its lush vineyards and amazing vinos-i.e. the West Coast of Washington, Oregon, or California, why not take advantage?  Call up a bunch of friends and split costs on a wine tour, limo, or party bus.  Wine touring without a designated driver can be a tricky situation, because you almost always end up drinking more that you think.  This Valentine’s Day, give yourself, your parents, your friends, your significant other, etc. a break by hiring your DD and enjoying your day.
  2. An evening out. Book a town car or SUV for the evening and head out on the town with your sweetie and/or your friends.  Make it a simple dinner and a movie, or do something out of the ordinary like hopping to a bunch of different places.  Bonus: give the “night on the town” as a gift to your parents.  When’s the last time they actually had a date night?  They’ll love it!
  3. Valentine’s Day/Weekend Scavenger Hunt.  Book a limo or town car for part of the day, and then give your friend/family member/significant other a list of clues.  The driver’s itinerary will be “as directed by passenger”, so the passenger will follow the clues to the final destination/gift.

Here’s to celebrating love, friendship, and family!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

love’s Top 10 Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving’s Top 10 Things to Be Thankful For

1. A designated driver.  Seriously, no one in your family needs to drive when you have us.

2. Thanksgiving Weekend Wine Tours.  Some of the most elite wineries and vineyards open their doors to the public for tastings this weekend in Oregon, Washington, and California.  If you’re in one of these areas this weekend, this is the perfect time to grab the fam, rent a limo, and try some spectacular wine.

3. A long relaxing weekend (unless you prefer #4).

4. The biggest shopping day of the year, which also means the most insane parking of the year!  You know who doesn’t have to worry about that though?  You!  (see #5).

5. Someone to drive you around during Black Friday.  Yes, that would be us.  You rollin’ in a group?  No problem-grab a limo.  Is it just one or two of you?  Kick back in a town car or SUV.

5 a. A warm vehicle to sit in early early in the morning on Black Friday, while everyone else is waiting out in the cold.

6. Yummy Yummy food for less than dinner out.

(photo courtesy of

7. Tryptophan: the best natural sleep aid and cure to having to listen to Crazy Aunt Ethel’s two hour rants about her bunions.  Pass the turkey!

8. Family time and togetherness (Oh come on, Aunt Ethel’s not that bad…er…right?)

9. Catching up with friends.  Lots of people come into town to see their family (or head home).  Either way, there’s usually some type of reunion in store for you, should you want to see them.

10. Holiday Movie Season.  Regardless of what you do or don’t have in common with your family, you can almost always bond over a movie.  Why not, book a car, and get out of the house for some family fun this weekend?

We hope to see you sometime this weekend.  From us here at, to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Memorial Day Weekend = An extra Day of Celebrating!

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching, and to most of us that means one thing (outside of it being officially “socially acceptable” to wear white pants in public):  PARTY!

It’s time for you and your friends to ring in the start of summer in a BIG way:

The Party Bus. Nothing like getting the party started and keeping it going for hours while on a big party bus with 20 of your closest friends.  Bonus: you have a paid D.D. that you know isn’t going to flake and who won’t be partaking of the booze.  So go ahead and enjoy that martini.

The Stretch Hummer.  Take girls’ night to the next level.  Have everyone chip in for a stretch hummer for the afternoon/evening, and skip the cab.  Roll to your destinations in style, with a smile.

The Classic Stretch.  Memorial Day=an extra day in Wine Country, right?  (wink).  You’re going to want a sleek ride out to the vineyard, so you and your posse don’t have to worry about getting back.  Many wineries hold special events/tastings this weekend, so hurry and book your group limo for your area.

Some wineries of note:

Archery Summit:  18599 Archery Summit Rd, Dayton, OR

The winery holds a Memorial Day event with tours of their beautiful caverns.   This weekend only, a complimentary glass of their famous pinot noir is included in the  tasting.

Phelps Creek Vineyards: 850 Country Club Rd Hood River, OR 97031

They are also hosting a special open house through Monday of Memorial Day weekend.    Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with their wine.  Wine discounts and extended hours are featured.

Northstar Vineyards: 1736 J.B. George Road, Walla Walla, WA 99362

The vineyard has picturesque views of the valley and surrounding Blue Mountains, plus a smashing deal of $7 per flight (refunded with purchase of any bottle of vino).  They are open through the holiday weekend,        10 am-4pm.

Maryhill Winery: 9774 Washington 14, Goldendale, WA

Washington State’s 2009 Winery of the year hosts a special open house event for all tasters on Memorial Day Weekend.  The winery boasts extended hours, Hawaiian BBQ food, and 30% off some of their vino.

Make sure to have a safe and happy weekend, whatever your Memorial Day Plans include…oh and leave the driving to us 😉

Spring Break Limo = Staycation Limo

Okay, so not everyone jumps for joy at the thought of having to stay home during your vacation time.  Most people think Spring Break = taking a trip somewhere warm/festive.   If you’re unable to get away, why not make the most of your situation and bring the fun to you?! presents to you some fun ideas to try (depending upon your location):

  • Vacation Limo = Staycation Limo.  Rent a hotel room for the night at a hotel downtown , and make a night of it!  Rent a special occasion limo for you and your significant other and go out on the town!  Why should you have to drive?  You’re on staycation!
  • Have you ever taken a tour of the city you live in?  This may sound silly, but a lot of people don’t even know what lies in their own backyard.  Here’s an idea: rent a limo or town car for the afternoon and take a tour of your own city.  Check out different neighborhoods and head to where you don’t usually hang out.  Bring a camera to document the trip and post to Facebook later.
  • If you are in a part of the country that has vineyards, grab some friends and family and schedule a wine tasting tour.  Book a special occasion limousine so that no one has to drive and thoroughly enjoy what your local wineries have to offer.  Bring a picnic snack or have the limo drop your party off at a restaurant for dinner afterwards.  *If no wineries are in your area, try a museum tour.
  • Party in style!  Invite your friends for the ultimate night out!  Have everyone go in on a party bus and head downtown to the clubs and bars.  You won’t have to worry about anyone driving under the influence, and if it’s an especially busy night, you don’t have to stress about waiting for a cab.

Stomp the Grapes – Limo Wine Tours

Depending on the region you live in or the area you do business in, September and October is the time for harvest for vino makers.  And I’m reminded of one of my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy.

Many of you limo operators make your living catering to wine tasting clientele.  So, why not come up with a nifty gimmick that captures someone’s attention,   i.e. “stomping of the grapes” event.  Mojo it up with your favorite winery and work in conjunction with their fall release party having their customers arrive in style, limo wine tours.  Many of the top notch wineries have some form of party to release last years or older vintage wines.

Another idea is to solicit an affiliate private school in your area, offer to set an auction package for a set number of couples, work with the parents (most parents put on parties like these to raise money) on a Tuscany style party.  You trade out for advertising, some hard costs and get your name around in the appropriate circles.  Couple of years ago I did this for my kid’s school auction.  We had western thyme; the party was set in the country with neighbors who had horses.  The plan included “bandits” with masks, riding horses, stopping the limos and shooting guns in the air.  The party made everyone get out and partake of their favorite adult beverage then get back into the limo and speed down to the party location a half mile away.   That was a real shindig….  Enjoy stomping.

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