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Things to do on Valentine's Day

Mon, Feb 13th, 2012

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Love is in the air!

Yes, V-Day can be a bit commercialized, but the bottom line it is about you and who you love (or who loves you).  This can mean your sweetie, your friends, good ‘ol Mom and Dad, siblings-you get the picture.  Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a couples’ holiday (although it gets billed as such).

So, let’s continue with this line of thinking: if you make Valentine’s Day a day to celebrate those you love, what are some ways you can do that?

  1. Wine tasting.  If you’re in an area of the country known for its lush vineyards and amazing vinos-i.e. the West Coast of Washington, Oregon, or California, why not take advantage?  Call up a bunch of friends and split costs on a wine tour, limo, or party bus.  Wine touring without a designated driver can be a tricky situation, because you almost always end up drinking more that you think.  This Valentine’s Day, give yourself, your parents, your friends, your significant other, etc. a break by hiring your DD and enjoying your day.
  2. An evening out. Book a town car or SUV for the evening and head out on the town with your sweetie and/or your friends.  Make it a simple dinner and a movie, or do something out of the ordinary like hopping to a bunch of different places.  Bonus: give the “night on the town” as a gift to your parents.  When’s the last time they actually had a date night?  They’ll love it!
  3. Valentine’s Day/Weekend Scavenger Hunt.  Book a limo or town car for part of the day, and then give your friend/family member/significant other a list of clues.  The driver’s itinerary will be “as directed by passenger”, so the passenger will follow the clues to the final destination/gift.

Here’s to celebrating love, friendship, and family!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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