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Stomp the Grapes – Limo Wine Tours

Wed, Sep 16th, 2009

Limo Wine Tours

Depending on the region you live in or the area you do business in, September and October is the time for harvest for vino makers.  And I’m reminded of one of my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy.

Many of you limo operators make your living catering to wine tasting clientele.  So, why not come up with a nifty gimmick that captures someone’s attention,   i.e. “stomping of the grapes” event.  Mojo it up with your favorite winery and work in conjunction with their fall release party having their customers arrive in style, limo wine tours.  Many of the top notch wineries have some form of party to release last years or older vintage wines.

Another idea is to solicit an affiliate private school in your area, offer to set an auction package for a set number of couples, work with the parents (most parents put on parties like these to raise money) on a Tuscany style party.  You trade out for advertising, some hard costs and get your name around in the appropriate circles.  Couple of years ago I did this for my kid’s school auction.  We had western thyme; the party was set in the country with neighbors who had horses.  The plan included “bandits” with masks, riding horses, stopping the limos and shooting guns in the air.  The party made everyone get out and partake of their favorite adult beverage then get back into the limo and speed down to the party location a half mile away.   That was a real shindig….  Enjoy stomping.

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