Corporate / Business’s Top 10 Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Wed, Nov 23rd, 2011

Holiday Ideas,

Limo Wine Tours’s Top 10 Things to Be Thankful For

1. A designated driver.  Seriously, no one in your family needs to drive when you have us.

2. Thanksgiving Weekend Wine Tours.  Some of the most elite wineries and vineyards open their doors to the public for tastings this weekend in Oregon, Washington, and California.  If you’re in one of these areas this weekend, this is the perfect time to grab the fam, rent a limo, and try some spectacular wine.

3. A long relaxing weekend (unless you prefer #4).

4. The biggest shopping day of the year, which also means the most insane parking of the year!  You know who doesn’t have to worry about that though?  You!  (see #5).

5. Someone to drive you around during Black Friday.  Yes, that would be us.  You rollin’ in a group?  No problem-grab a limo.  Is it just one or two of you?  Kick back in a town car or SUV.

5 a. A warm vehicle to sit in early early in the morning on Black Friday, while everyone else is waiting out in the cold.

6. Yummy Yummy food for less than dinner out.

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7. Tryptophan: the best natural sleep aid and cure to having to listen to Crazy Aunt Ethel’s two hour rants about her bunions.  Pass the turkey!

8. Family time and togetherness (Oh come on, Aunt Ethel’s not that bad…er…right?)

9. Catching up with friends.  Lots of people come into town to see their family (or head home).  Either way, there’s usually some type of reunion in store for you, should you want to see them.

10. Holiday Movie Season.  Regardless of what you do or don’t have in common with your family, you can almost always bond over a movie.  Why not, book a car, and get out of the house for some family fun this weekend?

We hope to see you sometime this weekend.  From us here at, to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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