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What You Should Do For Your Love For Valentine’s Day

Tue, Feb 12th, 2013

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What to get the loves in your life this year?  For those of us who celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Day of Love-in all its forms, presents a list of plausible gifts for those that your love (what a concept, eh?!):

Your Love: your grandparents/ grandma/ grandpa

The gift: Quality time.  What do most grandparents cherish?  Quality time with you, of course!  So make Valentine’s Day about Grandma/Grandpa by booking a day date with them.  Book a town car or limo to pick the both of you up in, and have it take you somewhere you know that Grandma/Grandpa would really enjoy-perhaps the theatre in town that shows older movies, or the museum, or book the car for the day and spend it enjoying each others’ company on a city tour.  The activity doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’ll be spending time with your grandparent(s) and showing them you care.  Bonus: Book a Classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce-and have Grandpa/Grandma waxing nostalgic.

classic limo

Your Love: your teenage son or daughter

The gift: a fun-filled day with friends.  Sorry Mom/Dad-though they love you lots, teens are all about hanging with their friends (usually).  Show them you love them and more importantly, that you “get” them, by booking a limo them and their friends to go hang out in.  Even if it’s just to pick them up and drop them off at their different destinations, you’ll rule as the cool parent.  Bonus: Book a hummer limo, and really up the cool parent vibe.

Your Love: your spouse/significant other

The gift: a chauffeured wine tour in wine country.   Bonding over amazing wine with your amour AND not having to drive-what’s not to love?!  Plus this date is gender neutral-meaning either sex will appreciate its value.  Bonus: Bringing your I-pod or a CD for the driver to play during your trip scores you major romance points.

The gift: If wine’s not your thing, have the car pick-up your significant other and take them on a scavenger hunt, with the end destination being somewhere special to your relationship.  It could be the place where you proposed (if you’re married), or the restaurant where the two of you had your first date, or maybe the place you first met; get creative and have fun with it.  Make sure to book the limo or town car for a few hours to allow for enough time to complete the scavenger hunt.  Bonus: Make the clues more romantic by leaving little personal mementos from your relationship at each stop.

Your Love: your parents

The gift: a chauffeured date night out.  Your parents can kick back and really enjoy themselves if they don’t have to worry about who’s driving.  Regardless of their age bracket, or how long they’ve been together, it’s probably been awhile since they’ve had a real date night-help them rekindle their spark or keep their love fire burning, by booking a town car for the evening to take them on their date.  Bonus: Score major favorite son/daughter points by booking a table at their favorite restaurant for the evening.

Your Love: a first date-not really a love yet (in fact, we would advise against dropping the “L Word” at any point on your first few dates)

The gift:  a first date night out.  You guys are just getting to know one another, so you don’t want to go too extravagant on this one (unless you DO want to, then by all means, go for it!).  Unless you’re a high roller, you probably don’t pick up every date via chauffeur, so even just booking a town car to pick you and your date up will make the date unique and you look impressive.  The two of your could go to the movies, or Bonus: book an SUV for a group date with his/her friends.

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