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Time to Get Ugly!

Thu, Dec 17th, 2009

Holiday Ideas

Time to get UGLY!!!!! Somewhere in back of your closet lay those articles of clothes you dread to wear this time of year.  It’s worst than the pink bunny suit that Ralphie had to wear Christmas morning (you know the one!)

What to do… with the ugliest, most obnoxious, despicable holiday sweater that somehow never gets thrown out, recycled… so bad Goodwill doesn’t even want it.  Make Tuesday December 22, 2009 the ugly sweater day in your office.  Encourage a contest and award prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  I know it sounds crazy but I’m going to suggest to my chauffeurs to wear one and have the clients call in or email the office to give their votes. So many of our clients are repeat users they would get a kick out of it.  Try something out of the norm, everybody would like.    Happy closet hunting.


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