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Holiday Parties and Holiday Ideas…

Thu, Dec 03rd, 2009

Holiday Ideas

Tis the season to be political correct and to detail events for the season .  And Happy Holidays to all!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Family time

A great family time can be enjoyed by renting a limo and touring the local holiday light displays.  Great for getting those off peak days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Throw in a thermos of hot cocoa and enjoy a couple of hours family bonding time. Your family will be sure to talk about it for years, it may even become your favorite holiday tradition.

Party Time

Being in the business myself I have seen a return of holiday party.  Corporate boys and girls are spending dollars on the good old fashion office party.  Lock the doors and enjoy the party.  But remember a DUI adds a downer to the water cooler talk
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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