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Back to School Special Ideas for Limo Service Companies

Thu, Sep 10th, 2009

Limo Service

Labor Day just went by so fast, out west the weather was crap, rained as usual, of course right after the weekend right back to 80-90 degrees, go figure.  My kids are back in school, and my wife is starting to relax again but she is trying to calm down after the summer with kids around all the time.  She didn’t have much time to catch up with her girlfriends over the summer and then when they see each other waiting in the car line again back at school picking up kids there is just no time chit chat….

Now fellow limo service operators, think about this simple plan.  Limo service companies can advertise in the school paper or a local paper, just do a very very inexpensive ad.  What type of ad should you run you ask?  Well, run a two or three hour back to school special for a lunch excursion for the stay at home moms or just an outing for the ladies to catch up from the summer block.  Use your mojo to give a kick back to the school’s fundraiser campaign, BUT build that into your pricing.  Remember you’re not a non-profit company.

Doug Rauen, the original domain registrant and founder of Inc.

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