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3 Ways Booking Car Service May actually SAVE You Money on Your Vacation:

Wed, May 06th, 2015

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You’re spending enough dinero to travel on your fabulous vacation, right?  Here are 3 ways why booking car service may actually save you money on your vacation:

1. Airport Parking Costs $$ Get Spendy

Consider this the next time that you are travelling out of town for at least a week: short-long term parking costs at airports vary between $20-$40/day.  If we even take the lowest dollar amount, $20/day and multiply that by seven days = $140, just to park your car for a week at the airport.  This number doesn’t even take into account $$ for gas.  Depending upon the number of passengers and your proximity to the airport, many luxury car Operators would charge less than that amount for roundtrip service to/from your airport.  At the very least, it’s worth looking into.

2. Insurance and out of pocket costs if someone hits your car in the parking garage

Exhibit B: You’ve paid $140 to park your car for a week, and someone hits it… then leaves, and the parking garage cameras just happened to miss it all; meaning that that $140 parking garage bill is the least of your worries.  Now you have to spend time calling your insurance, getting the car fixed, and you have no way of tracking down the person who’s actually responsible for this mess (the other driver), which means the costs all fall on you and your insurance.  Yeah, I don’t think I have to go any further into cost analysis on this one.  Booking a car with us would most definitely save you $$ in this scenario!

3. A fixed rate versus a variable one

This one is especially pertinent if you are travelling internationally.  In many countries, taxi services and gas don’t have a set rate, meaning you need to negotiate and/or barter your rate.  If you’re comfortable doing this, then this may not pose any type of problem for you; however, many travelers, especially those of us from the United States aren’t privy to such practices.  Thus, a taxi ride that locals know to cost $25 could end up costing you $75, simply b/c that’s what the driver tells you to pay.  Booking your car with gives you peace of mind, as you know exactly how much you’ll pay for your ride, including gratuity-no frustrating haggling included.  This, to some, is worth paying up front for; however, for those of us who are self-proclaimed bargain aficionados, knowing that the dollar is the guaranteed lowest offered rate by the Operator, sans bargaining, should also give some comfort.

Whatever you decide, make sure to travel safely and have a great vacation-you’ve earned it!

Travelling in style in the Tesla Model S

Travelling in style in the Tesla Model S

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