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Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single and the Coupled Up

Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

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Single or Attached this Valentine’s Day?  Who Cares!  Valentine’s Day is about more than just the love between you and your Sweetie (although, admittedly, that is equally important!): whether you’re celebrating the love you have for your significant other, or another special someone in your life, read on for our top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas, and get ready to spread the love!


Friends’ Valentine’s Day Party Bus

Single?  Attached?  Who cares!  Throw your romantic status to the wind, and celebrate the love you have for your friends by going in on a Party Bus for the day together.  Maybe you travel to wine country for the day, or perhaps you do a pub crawl; at any rate, this is definitely a case of making the most of the journey by enjoying quality time with your best buds-candy hearts not required.


Get ready for a Valentine's Adventure on this red party bus

Get ready for a Valentine’s Adventure on this red party bus


Double Date Limo

What’s better than spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other AND your best “couple” friends?  Why, sharing a ride with all of them in style, of course!

Cheers to a great Valentine's Day

Cheers to a great Valentine’s Day


Luxury Town Car Date Night (or Day)

Up the ante this Valentine’s Day, by having someone else do the driving, so you can really enjoy your one on one time with your date.  Bonus points for your travel being in a really NICE ride.

Impress Your Date with Comfort and Luxury

Impress Your Date with Comfort and Luxury


Gift a Date Night to Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa)

Show your love for those that raised you, by treating them to a special night out, complete with car service, of course.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and who better to show your love towards than your Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa?  Why not treat them to car service for a date night out?  They’ve spoiled you for decades-it’s time to show them just how much their love and support has meant over the years.

Treat Your Folks to a Classic


A ride to the Spa

Go the extra mile (pun intended), book Spa services for your sweetheart AND a ride to/from the appointment.

Let the relaxing, begin.

Let the relaxing, begin.

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