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Top Four Reasons to take a Limo or Town Car on the 4th of July

Wed, Jul 02nd, 2014

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As Americans, Independence Day has morphed into the type of holiday that we associate with a few key things: food, fireworks, friends and family.  Some of us take trips to go celebrate; others throw a big shindig at their place; some grab the neighbors and head to the local fireworks spot; others get together with friends; and still, others hop a flight to a fun destination.  Any way you cut it, if you’re celebrating in one of the above ways, then chances are you’ll be needing transportation to your destination (and back home again).  With that in mind, here are the top four reasons you should let us do the driving:

Taxi Line @ LAS-don't get stuck in this line!

Taxi Line @ LAS-don’t get stuck in this line!

1.Avoid the Long Wait in the Taxi Line at the Airport

The 4th is busy travel day to lots of destinations in the U.S.  Many people get the day off, and since it lands on a Friday this year that makes an extended weekend celebration that much easier to plan.  If you’ve ever traveled to a popular destination you know that once you get off the plane, the waiting isn’t over, because you are now faced with the outrageous cab line looming outside of baggage claim.  Be the envy of the other passengers-skip the cab line- and get straight into a waiting town car or SUV.

2. More Family Bonding Time

You’re already going to spend the day with them, you might as well start the bonding process early!  If you’re all headed over to Grandma’s for the annual 4th of July BBQ, it just makes sense split a vehicle and ride there together.  Or, if you’d prefer to experience your family in limited doses, you can always book a sedan for yourself.  No arguing over directions, speed limits or annoying driving habits here!  Bonus: Uncle Clem can have that extra cocktail and you don’t have to worry about him trying to get behind the wheel.

3. Have your celebration ON the ride

Perhaps you want to hang with your friends, but nobody wants to take on the enormous task of hosting a shindig.  Why not bring the party to you, by booking a party bus?  If you’ve got 15-20 friends that are all going in on the party bus, you could end up spending less than you would on meat, bbq supplies, and beverages at a party/bbq.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about having a DD, since the driver will drop you at home at the end of the party.

4. So you don’t HAVE to drive

Maybe you’re of legal drinking age, and you want to have a couple of drinks; or maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy yourself without having to worry about driving; or maybe you’re just tired of driving!  Hey, sometimes it’s just nice not to have to worry about who’s doing the driving!

However you choose to spend your holiday wishes you and yours a very happy and safe Independence Day weekend!

Happy Independence Day, 2014!

Happy Independence Day, 2014!

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