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The Real Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Fri, Feb 13th, 2015

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Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap.  When people think of Valentine’s Day, many images and words come to mine: love, cupid’s arrow, chocolate, heartbreak; however, as the years have progressed, the holiday has become more commercialized and has focused more on romance, as opposed to love, causing multitudes of single people to cringe at the mere mention of February 14th, and a plethora of couples to feel pressured in one way or another to “celebrate” their relationship.  Not that there’s anything wrong with celebrating a relationship, per se; but, what if you’ve only been on a couple of dates, and aren’t sure if you’re even in a relationship?  What if your relationship is “on the rocks”?  What if you don’t want to BE in a relationship?  Or what if you’re going through a break up?  What if you’re SINGLE (gasp!)?!?!  None of these instances exactly screams hearts, cupid and romance.


But I digress; let’s get back to the holiday that is Valentine’s Day.  According to, Valentine’s Day is:  “February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.”* By that definition Valentine’s Day is simply a day in which we show affection to those that we love.  So, who do we love?  Well, “love”, as we know it, isn’t simply a feeling or emotion attached to those we are romantically involved with.  The word “love” can be associated with a plethora of different relationships in your life, both romantic and otherwise.  In fact, defines the noun “love” in seven different ways (i.e. the love between parent and child), and that’s just when the word is utilized as a noun.  I bring this all up because if Valentine’s Day is about showing the ones that we love how we feel, then by all means, let’s do that.  This isn’t a holiday that is just about blissfully in love couples, but rather a holiday that celebrates ALL kinds of loving relationships.  So, with that in mind, brings you list of ways to celebrate six different loving relationships in your life.  Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, this list applies to YOU (take THAT Cupid!):


Who has a special place in your heart?  Your Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa:  they spoiled you throughout your childhood (and probably your adulthood), gave you love and affection, and when you were in trouble with Mom or Dad, they always seemed to secretly still be on your side.   Book a fun day for you and the grandparents.  Book an hourly ride for the three of you and go do something fun-a picnic if the weather is nice, or maybe hit up a museum.  Spend the ride laughing and bonding with them.


It's not Grandpa's fave recliner, but it might come in at a close second. #Escalade

It’s not Grandpa’s fave recliner, but it might come in at a close second. #Escalade


Who do you love?  Your friends

Whether you have made new friends and are looking for a way to get to know them better; or perhaps you just want to get together with some of your close friends and bond.  Booking a party bus for a group adventure is a great way to celebrate the love you have for your buddies, while making new memories together to reminisce about later.  “Remember that one Valentine’s Day when we…”

Get ready for a Valentine's Adventure on this red party bus

Get ready for a Valentine’s Adventure on this red party bus



Who do you love, no matter what?  Your family

Sometimes you love them; sometimes you can’t stand them; but really, you LOVE them.  You share the special bond that is simply defined as “family”.  Whether you’re related by blood or not, families come in all shapes, sizes, and circumstances.  Celebrate the bond you have with yours on Valentine’s Day.  Book an SUV with a few, or a large limo with the whole family, and take a trip somewhere delightful together.


Who do you treasure?  Your best friend

You have your friends, and then you have your BEST FRIEND.  This is the person whom you share the tightest of bonds with: for some people this is their significant other; for others it’s a parent or other family member; and others this is someone whom they’ve known and forged a most sacred bond of friendship with.  Regardless of what their title is with other people (i.e. roommate, sister, co-worker, etc), to you, your best friend is one of the most loved people in your life.  That all being said, why wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be a great time to celebrate the love and friendship that you share with one another?  So, do something for just the two of you: it can be something as small as booking a sedan and going to your favorite restaurant to catch up for a couple of hours, or book a trip together and book a ride to/from the airport.  It doesn’t matter how you choose to live up Valentine’s Day-just as long as you do it together.


Who ELSE would be by your side through this photo shoot?  #bestfriends

Who ELSE would be by your side through this photo shoot? #bestfriends


Who loves you, no matter what?  Your parents

They’ve loved you, clothed you, raised you, and supported you.  Treat them to their own special date night, book them a pretty retro limo to their favorite restaraunt, so they can celebrate the love they have for each other.

Just Mom?

Pamper the number one woman in your life with a spa package and classy ride to/from the spa.

Just Dad?

Get him tickets to his favorite event, and a ride to get him to/from there.  (And go with him!)


Date night in the Maybach

Book the Maybach for your parents’ date night


Who “Gets” You?  Your mentor

Maybe you had a teacher who was particularly influential in helping you become successful; or perhaps there’s a co-worker or supervisor who’s had your back on the job, and helped you get that promotion; or maybe there’s a certain someone in your life who’s just helped you through a difficult time.  Show your love and appreciation for them by doing something kind for them in return.  Maybe this person has someone special flying into see them?  Book a sedan to pick up this person at the airport;  or maybe this person needs a ride somewhere because his/her car broke down-book a sedan or SUV with us to get him/her to his/her destination safely.


Sure, some of these ideas are a bit non-traditional, as far as Valentine’s Day is concerned, but just think of how special and loved this will make the person you love feel.  Shouldn’t that be the point of Valentine’s Day to begin with?


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