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Spring Break Limo = Staycation Limo

Thu, Mar 24th, 2011

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Okay, so not everyone jumps for joy at the thought of having to stay home during your vacation time.  Most people think Spring Break = taking a trip somewhere warm/festive.   If you’re unable to get away, why not make the most of your situation and bring the fun to you?! presents to you some fun ideas to try (depending upon your location):

  • Vacation Limo = Staycation Limo.  Rent a hotel room for the night at a hotel downtown , and make a night of it!  Rent a special occasion limo for you and your significant other and go out on the town!  Why should you have to drive?  You’re on staycation!
  • Have you ever taken a tour of the city you live in?  This may sound silly, but a lot of people don’t even know what lies in their own backyard.  Here’s an idea: rent a limo or town car for the afternoon and take a tour of your own city.  Check out different neighborhoods and head to where you don’t usually hang out.  Bring a camera to document the trip and post to Facebook later.
  • If you are in a part of the country that has vineyards, grab some friends and family and schedule a wine tasting tour.  Book a special occasion limousine so that no one has to drive and thoroughly enjoy what your local wineries have to offer.  Bring a picnic snack or have the limo drop your party off at a restaurant for dinner afterwards.  *If no wineries are in your area, try a museum tour.
  • Party in style!  Invite your friends for the ultimate night out!  Have everyone go in on a party bus and head downtown to the clubs and bars.  You won’t have to worry about anyone driving under the influence, and if it’s an especially busy night, you don’t have to stress about waiting for a cab.

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