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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Created from Stuff You Probably Already Have at Home

Fri, Oct 28th, 2011

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‘Need a costume this weekend, and short on time?  Then check this out:’s Simple Costumes you can Throw Together Using things you already have at Home!

Ghost costume: Throw a sheet over your head.  Have a friend trace circles where your eyes need to be.  Take off sheet, and cute openings for eyes.  Viola!  Instead ghost costume.

Caesar/Roman citizen/Grecian Goddess: Grab a white sheet.  Look up how to fold a toga on YouTube.  Drape yourself in the sheet, according to the YouTube video’s instructions.  Grab a pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals.  Spray paint them gold.  Ladies, you may already have gold gladiator heels from this summer-in which case, more power to you!  Grab some gold leaves from the craft store and glue them to a headband for your hair.  Guys, have someone you trust give you the “Caesar Cut”.

Zombie: Grab some clothes you aren’t too fond of (you won’t want anything too nice).  Take some scissors and cut pieces off the clothing, or shred the edges of it.  You’re going for the “dilapidated look” so use your imagination.  Ladies, grab some mauve eye shadow or really dark blush; guys, borrow your woman’s make up.  Put the dark color under eyes to make your skin looked bruised and hollow.  Line eyes with thick black eyeliner.  Use red lipstick to create pustules of blood.  Try red lip liner, or you can buy fake blood at the costume store fairly inexpensive prices-grab some hillbilly teeth while you’re at it.  Ladies, rat your hair for an even more disheveled look.

Vampire: The clothes you rock with this costume may depend upon what era you’re from.  Vampires are usually dark creatures, so grab you’re darkest sexiest clothes and wear those.  Ladies, fishnets and a black dress are usually a good start.  Dark heavy make-up, or super light skin and dark make-up work well.  Use lipstick and or lip liner for bloody red lips.  Spring for some cheap fangs at Rite Aid, or the like-almost every store has them this time of year.  Guys, a black dressy vest helps with the “Victorian look”.

pet halloween

Mummy: Grab a roll of toilet paper.  You hold the end while a friend runs around you repeatedly, covering you with the roll of t.p.  Repeat, until you are completely covered head to toe.  This also works great to portray a “head to toe bandaged person”.

Where’s Waldo?: Grab a red and white horizontally striped t-shirt and some dark wash jeans.  If you don’t have the shirt, borrow one.  You will know someone who has one.  Grab a navy beanie or striped beanie.  Girls stuff your hair into the beanie.  Grab some black rimmed glasses (or borrow some, go to Goodwill, etc).  Go hide in one of the busiest places you can think of…invite your friends to look for you.

Giant Baby: Put on a flesh colored long sleeve shirt or turtleneck.  Grab that white sheet again.  Fold it around your bottom half so it looks like you have on a giant diaper.  Bonus for those of you who have giant safety pins.  Borrow a pacifier from your baby, or from one of your friends who has kids-trust me, if they have kids, they’ll have a pacifier.  String it around your neck.  Borrow Grandma’s bonnet, or head to Goodwill to find one.  Grab a “blanky”  to drag around with you.  Give yourself rosy cheeks with some dark blush.  Cry if you don’t get your way.

Jolly Green Giant: Green tights, green turtlneck, green leggings, green face paint (you get the idea here).

It’s a busy weekend-so make sure you get your limo, town car or SUV as your D.D. and have a safe and happy Halloween!

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