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Formal Season is here! What do should you wear?!

Tue, Apr 17th, 2012

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It’s the beginning to look like summer, which for many of you ladies out there means one major thing: the beginning of formal event season!  Prom, birthdays, weddings-there are so many events where formal attire is a must!  So what’s hot for ladies’ formal dresses this year?  How do you choose?  Check out’s Annual What’s Hot in Formal list below for some great style tips (all photos courtesy of  Then make sure to book your town car or limo with us to travel in style while also saving some dinero.

A gown with Unique Details

From a unique design to strategic cut outs and tiny details, this year’s gowns are all about the little elements.  And because the designs are focused on the little details, and not so much the actual cut of the dress, many of these looks are structured for a variety of body types.  In the first photo, the cut of the dress sleek, with some rouching that could cover any “problem areas” below the waist, and it fitted up top.  Unique beading, rouching and cut-outs finish the look.  The middle dress has an empire cut, and flowing blue fabric.  What makes this dress so unique, however, is the back which is completely covered in iridescent crystal beading.  The dress furthest to the right is definitely not for those that are too body conscious.  The dress has many unique eye-catching details:  the cut and design, the colors, the beading-this dress is one of a kind.

unique 2012 2012 unique dress 3cut outs 3

The “short” ballgown

Described as flirty, feminine, and fun, we are seeing these pop up quite a few places this season.  This style flatters a variety of figures, while also giving apt coverage where needed.  The short ball gown is structured similarly to the traditional ball gown style, with one major difference-the bottom is a lot shorter.  These dresses accentuate a little waist, as well as arms and shoulders, and of course, legs.

2012 short ball gown

short skirt 2012 short ball gown 12012 short ball gown 2

Sparkles-lots of them

Being covered head to toe in sequins is back.  The style and cut of this dress doesn’t so much matter, as the fact that is must be completely covered in sequins.  Completely.

sequins 4 sparkly 3 2012 sparkly

Abstract one shoulder

The one-shoulder dress had been “in” again for a few seasons, however, this year’s dresses have changed slightly in that the one shoulder is usually made by an accessory, rather than the cut of the dress itself: examples includes a tiny string of rhinestones that trail over the shoulder, a small strand of fabric connecting cross-corners of the dress, or combination of the two, in the form of a beaded applique.  This year’s hot one-shoulders are a little more subtle than their predecessors.

2012 rhinestone one shoulder abstract 2012 abstract one shoulder 2012 one shoulder

Structured corset top

This style has a variety of forms.  The basic principle of this design is the top of the dress-which is in the form of a corset with visible structured boning.    This dress actentuates a small waist and the upper body, and may come with a short long train.

2012 structured boing

corset 3 structured dress 2012

Ruffles!  Ruffles Everywhere!

Another ultra-feminine, ultra-flirty touch.  ‘Nuff said.

2012 ruffles 2 2012 ruffles ruffles 3

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